Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Most Memorable Moment Journal


  1. Most Memorable Moment- Iqra Qureshi

    The most memorable moment from my books was when Hester and her child, Pearl, go to the Governors hall, so that Hester can find out if the rumors about Pearl taken away from her is really true or not. This part is memorable because this part shows that Arthur Dimmesdale actually cares about Pearl, and also that Pearl is like a guardian angel sent from heaven to save Hester from future sins. When Hester enters the Governor’s mansion she finds out the rumor she has been hearing all along is true, she starts begging and pleading them to not take her away, they decided that they would first test if Pearl was actually a Demon-Child or not, in the end they start to decide they would send her away. Hester getting desperate asks the father of the child (who is unknown at the present time) Mr. Dimmesdale to beg the Governor and his people to let her keep Pearl, because it is for the better “Speak thou for me! Cried she. ‘Thou wast my pastor, and hadst charge of my soul, and knowst me better than these men can. I will not lose this child! Speak for me!’”. Mr. Dimmesdale gives reasons to as why Pearl should stay with Hester. “There is truth in what she says,’ began the minister, (…) truth in what Hester says, and the feeling which inspires her! God gave her the child, (…)” (Hawthorne pg 133). Convinced with Mr. Dimmesdale’s argument they finally decide upon letting Pearl live with her mother. When Pearl and Hester are leaving the Governors house, the Governors sister pokes her head outside the window and invites Hester to a witches meeting in the wood later on in the night, Hester declines the offer saying “I must tarry at home, and keep watch over my little pearl. Had they taken her from me, I would willingly have gone with thee into the forest, and signed, my name in the Black Mans book, and that with my own blood.” This shows that Pearl keeps her mother, Hester, away from the temptation of Satan, and sins. It also shows that Pearl is like an angel sent from heaven to protect Hester from doing any farther sins in the future. These events are the most memorable moments in my section of the Scarlet Letter.

  2. Most Memorable Moment- Nailah

    From what I have read the most memorable moment for myself was when Hester stood with her daughter Pear in her arms in front of the city of England. At this part in the novel, Hester's punishment for adultry is to stand in front of everyone with a scarlet letter on her chest, and let the town judge her for what she did. This is my favourite moment because it revealed so much about Hester's character and how much she can develop to me by being able to harness her emotions.
    After reading this scene it revealed how much emotions Hester was capable of. For example, when she went to stand infront of all the citizens she felt confident in herself that, she was not going to let hurtful comments be taken into consideration for what she had done. However, once away from public eye she releases all her emotion. This shows that Hester is a strong character. What makes this scene so memorable for myself is the fact that Hester reminds me of myself in the way of being able to hold in a lot of emotion when put in a difficult situation. It makes me feel that further throughout the novel, she will be able to make a change in the punishment system or maybe inspire women to not be judged so critically, especially by the men in the public of New England at that point in time.

  3. Most Memorable Moment- Fatima Ali Raza

    The section that I was responsible was the ending of the story. There a few parts that are good, but the most memorable moment for me was when Mr. Arthur Dimmesdale accepted his sin that he had done seven years ago. Dimmesdale was responsible for the symbol on Hester’s chest but for seven years Hester had to suffer through the shame and Dimmesdale lived in guilt all his life. When Dimmesdale was sick it was because he had guilt in his mind and he wanted to tell everyone but he never got the courage to stand in front of everybody and confess. When Hester found out that Dimmesdale is the father of Pearl she started to meet him, and she tried to explain to Pearl that he is her father but Pearl never accepted. She only considered him as a minister.
    On the Election Day (Religious Day) Dimmesdale was asked to prepare a sermon on God. The whole community was present at the Market-place to hear Dimmesdale sermon. The whole community liked Dimmesdale sermon in church, so on this particular day they gathered and heard the sermon. On the Election Day Hester, Pearl, and Roger Chillingworth were also present. As all the priests were leaving he called Hester and Pearl’s name. Everyone heard this and turned around, and Hester and Pearl ran to Dimmesdale. This is when he accepted his sin in front of everyone and said that when Hester was to stand in front of everyone seven years ago I should have been because is as responsible for everything. This shows Dimmesdale’s courage on how he cares for Hester and Pearl. Dimmesdale was in a condition that he could die any time. He wanted to die in peace so confessed his sin that he had done. Just as Hester had an “A” symbol on her chest Dimmesdale also had a red mark on his chest that he always covered from people so there would be no question. When he confessed his sin he showed the red mark to everybody. For the first time Pearl kissed Dimmesdale before he died. That instant Dimmesdale died peacefully.

  4. Most Memorable Moment Journal
    By: Bavika Atputhajeyam

    From the book, “The Scarlet Letter”, the most memorable moment from my section would be the part in Chapter 17. Chapter 17, “The Pastor and His Parishioner”, is about Hester Prynne, finally brave enough to talk to Arthur Dimmesdale. The chapter basically is about whether or not both Hester and Arthur have found peace in their hearts. Both Hester and Arthur have not at all found peace in their hearts, Arthur feels guiltiest the most, because he’s a priest and he did something that is totally against the church’s view. So in his heart, he’s full of regret and confusion. Throughout Chapter 17, Hester and Arthur begin to change as people. Hester becomes more cheerful, while Arthur becomes less regretful. Hester wants Arthur to come with her and Pearl to visit their home town. At first, Arthur is reluctant, but then he finally agrees to do so, after his sermon presentation. Hester wants Arthur to meet Pearl, but he is not sure how Pearl will react to him, because he says children don’t really get along with him, and he can’t relate to them. At the end of the conversation between Arthur and Hester, Hester decides to throw away the scarlet letter. When she does that, Pearl does not know who Hester is. This shows that Pearl only knows her mom when she is wearing the scarlet letter, otherwise she will think of her mom, Hester, as a stranger. This is the most memorable part, in my section, from the book “The Scarlet Letter”.